Why Nedyme Barbecue? ?

Due to the high combustion efficiency , it does not remove any smoke.

As there is no direct flame contact with cooked food, it avoid drying and burning and assures a cooking with it’s soft water .

The oil of the food never fall on charcoal, and does not flare, and avoid carcinogenic effects .

Depending on the type of food , can be cooked through modulation flame adjustment .

Through the use of batteries ,can be moved to the desired location.

On the balcony, kitchen, picnic areas and boat are available for use.

You can cook potatoes and onions in the inner chamber. The oil of the cooked meat drops on potatoes and onions and offers a delicious taste.

Can be fried bread on it, chestnuts, mushrooms can be cooked with cheese and you can grill corns as well.

To burn ,it does not require firewood, wood or newspapers.

2 minute after the ignition you can start cooking your food.

With the coal tongs in the bag ,you can supplement more coals.

Nedy the Smokeless Coal Grill is also environmentally friendly.

The cooked oil from the product does not burn , accumulates in the outer chamber and does not harm the environment.

The lower part of Nedyme Smokeless Coal Grill does not get warm, so the grass does not burn and yellowing

Due to the grill does not throw out sparks, it avoid fire.

With tongs inside the bag of Nedyme , you can hold and extinguish the burning coal and use again in your next barbecue .

Is durable for many years

Saves time


Easy to use

Due to lower coal consumption, it allows you to save 400%

There are 5 various colors and stylish design.

As the grill have a portable bag , you can easily take it anywhere.

Provides longer battery life.